Fan Almost Dies Trying to Catch a Baseball

It’s happened again! Another baseball fan began to fall from the stand while trying to catch a ball, but was luckily saved by his friends. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

On the heels of a Texas Rangers fan falling to his death trying to catch a fly ball, another man nearly went over the rail doing the very same thing.

The latest incident was broadcast live during the All-Star Home Run Derby at
Chase Field in Phoenix.

As the fan began to fall, he was grabbed moments before he plunged head-first 20 feet onto the concrete below.

The fan, who has been identified as Keith Carmickle, had already caught three baseballs and wanted one more.

Carmickle stood on a shaky, metal table ready to lunge for the home run ball when he lost his balance. Fortunately, in that split second, his brother and friends were able to grab him by one arm and around his ankles.

"I stepped up on the table. I missed the ball and went over. I thought, 'I've lived a good life,' " the lucky fan said afterwards.

But some fans are wondering if Carmickle threw caution to the wind solely because some of those home run balls were made with 24-karat gold leather and worth $150.

Another fan chasing a Home Run Derby ball actually fell into a swimming pool trying to catch it.

It all happened on the same day as the funeral for 39-year-old firefighter Shannon Stone, who died on July 8th while trying to catch a ball thrown to him and his son in the stands at a Texas Rangers game.

The solemn procession was led by a bagpiper, and the helmet he wore for 18 years preceded his casket as it was placed on a fire truck.

His widow and six-year-old son Cooper walked slowly behind the casket.

If not for some guardian angels, this fan's life might have came to a tragic end, too.