Report: Casey Anthony to Assume New Identity After Release

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Casey Anthony and her defense team are working on a new identity for her to take on after she is released from prison. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Casey Anthony plans to change her name and possibly even her appearance after her release on July 17th.

The Chicago Sun-Times says she will move to a secret location and take on a new identity "almost as if she was living in a witness protection-like program."

But the paper is saying Casey is rejecting the suggestion of having cosmetic surgery.

TV personalities Nancy Grace and Bill O'Reilly went head-to-head over whether Grace is fuelling public anger over the verdict.

"Do you think you went overboard at all in your coverage of the trial?" O'Reilly asked.

"Overboard? When there is a miscarriage of justice? No, I don't think I went 'overboard.' I think that term 'overboard' is very trite. What is overboard is the jury verdict!" said an incensed Grace.

Meanwhile, investigators who built the prosecution case against Casey Anthony are speaking out for the first time.

The team of detectives and forensic experts who worked for three years on the case gathered at a press conference to give their reaction to the verdict that shocked America. Beside them was a photo of Caylee.

"I wish there was something I could say that would bring closure to everyone, but there isn't," said lead detective Yuri Melich.

Melich, who was called to the stand eight times during the trial, spoke of his disappointment when he heard the not guilty verdict.

"I'm unhappy that it was a different verdict, I felt strongly in the case and I still do, but as far as bringing closure to people, people just have to understand this is our judicial system. We have to have faith in it and we have to rely on it, we can't simply have our own belief in an outcome and what it should be and disregard what the Constitution has provided us," Melich said.