Phillip Garrido Videotaped His Search for Victims

Authorities released eerie home video of Phillip Garrido and his wife filming their search for potential victims while they had Jaycee Dugard in captivity. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Some truly disturbing home video shot by the monster Phillip Garrido has surfaced. He videotaped young girls on their bikes, and can be heard asking his wife Nancy whether anyone can see their creepy activity.

"Do you think anybody can see me?" Garrido asked his wife on the video.

"No," replied Nancy.

The videos have just been released by the District Attorney's office that handled the Garrido case in northern California. They've blurred the video to protect the identities of the children.

At one point, Nancy alerts her husband that a car carrying a little girl is pulling into the parking lot.

"They just pulled up in the handicap," said Nancy.

"They're getting out now?" asked Garrido.

There's also another video of Garrido—an aspiring musician—singing in a park. He instructs his wife to pretend she's videotaping him, but she's actually zooming in on the kids in a playground down the hill.

"So what you need to need to make it look like you're pointing it at me," said Garrido.

Nancy sounds very pleased with their ruse.

"I can see you really good," said Nancy.

The Garridos tried to destroy the incriminating videotapes by dousing them with chemicals. But investigators were able to restore them with the help of technicians from NASA.

INSIDE EDITION talked to one little girl who got away. Only a twist of fate saved her from being kidnapped by Garrido.

Jamie Smith was best friends with Jaycee Dugard. They lived on the same street in Lake Tahoe, and every morning they walked together to the school bus stop. But Smith stayed home the day Dugard was kidnapped.

"I feel like it could have been me. I was sick, by the grace of God," said Smith.

Dugard told ABC News's Diane Sawyer that Garrido snatched her as she walked to the bus stop alone.

"Halfway world an instant," said Dugard.

Smith tearfully recalled, "Jaycee walked the hill alone...and um, that was the day she was taken."

Two decades later, Smith says she still feels enormous guilt for not being there for her friend. She wonders, would she have been the one to spend 18 years in hell?

"It's beyond my comprehension. It really is," said Smith.