Baseball Fan Who Almost Died Speaks Out

INSIDE EDITION talks to the man who nearly fell to his death at a baseball game this week and his brother who pulled him to safety.

INSIDE EDITION spoke exclusively with the fan who came terrifyingly close to tragedy on live TV, just to catch a baseball at the Home Run Derby.

36-year-old Keith Carmickle was foolishly standing barefoot on a shaky table when he lunged for a home run ball and tumbled from the upper deck of Chase Field in Phoenix.

"I think just instinctly [sic] I jumped up on the table, and then lost sight of my surroundings. That's when I either lost momentum, slipped, and I was headed over. I lost sight of everything," Keith said.

It was the split-second reaction of his brother, who grabbed Keith's arm and leg and held on for dear life, that kept him from plunging head-first onto the concrete.

"It seemed like I took 20 minutes to pull him over. But it was only a couple of seconds," Kraig Carmickle said.
Other fans helped pull the 250-pound Keith to safety as he dangled over the railing. The brothers still cringe watching the horrifying video.

"It really brought me to reality, saying 'What were you doing up there on that pool deck?' " Keith said.

It happened on the same day as the funeral for firefighter Shannon Stone, who fell to his death trying to catch a ball for his six-year-old son at a Texas Rangers game.

Keith had already caught three Home Run Derby balls and was going for a fourth when he fell. Now, the brothers say they'll auction off the two remaining balls on eBay to benefit Shannon Stone's devastated family.

"We want to give back to the Stone family, and if we can do that by raising money then that's what we're going to do," Kraig said.

The fan who was saved from tragedy by his guardian angel brother says he's learned his lesson.

"I don't plan on doing it again. I plan on being more aware of my surroundings and using better judgment," Keith said.