Acrobat Dangles from NYC Bridge

An acrobat was spotted dangling from one of New York's sky-high bridges. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It was a death-defying sky-high stunt. An acrobat tethered to 90 feet of silk rope dangled from the Williamsburg Bridge in New York City.

Seanna Sharpe performed a choreographed aerial ballet while silhouetted against the bridge. She wrapped herself up like a cocoon, gracefully twirled, and turned herself upside down.

Sharpe explained her love of aerial dance in a YouTube interview: "It s a type of art that is scary to a lot of people," she said. "I like dance. I'm a very visual person and so the visual of aerial dance really appealed to me."

Sharpe has also performed with the famed Cirque du Soleil.

Her aerial stunt lasted 15 minutes. She climbed down and was arrested by waiting police officers, who put her in handcuffs. She says she did it to conquer her fears.

"Don't be afraid, you can do anything you want to!" she yelled after her arrest.

But the drama was not over. She contorted her body and managed to bring her cuffed hands forward.  

Authorities charged Sharpe with criminal trespass and reckless endangerment.