Halle Berry's Alleged Stalker Appears in Court

Halle Berry said she was in fear for her life. Now, the man accused of stalking the Oscar-winner appeared in court. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Halle Berry's accused stalker appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom.

Richard Franco allegedly terrorized the actress at her own home for three consecutive nights.

In court papers, Berry recounted how she grabbed her three-year-old daughter and fled in terror to a panic room in their home.

"I was in fear of my life," she said.

At Franco's arraignment Wednesday, the Oscar®-winner was referred to only as "Halle B."

Franco pleaded not guilty to a felony stalking charge and was ordered to stay at least 500 yards away from Berry.

"She is in tremendous fear for her and her daughter's safety," said Berry's attorney Wendy Seagall.

Erin Andrews, the sportscaster and former Dancing with the Stars contestant who had to deal with her own stalking ordeal, told INSIDE EDITION she can relate to Berry's nightmare.

"It's an awful thing and I've learned it's very personal the way you handle it. I didn't have a choice," said Andrews.

Andrews, who we caught up with last night at the ESPY Awards, is campaigning to toughen stalking laws and thinks Berry can help the cause.

"I would be honored to work with Halle Berry to try to get things done on Capitol Hill. These laws need to be strengthened. They're awful. They're a joke," said Andrews.