George Anthony's Showdown with Reporters

As Casey Anthony is about to be released from jail, a short-tempered George Anthony refused to answer questions from reporters. Meanwhile, Joy Behar has one of Casey's defense attorney's squirming on her show. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

As George and Cindy Anthony left a Home Depot after buying a leaf blower, they were in no mood to answer questions about their daughter's release from prison this Sunday.

They were bombarded with questions from reporters and paparazzi, Cindy Anthony stood stone-faced and George grew angry. He muttered, "Ignorant," under his breath.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post website reported that George Anthony is supporting efforts to pass Caylee's law, which would make it a felony to fail to report a missing child.

"Caylee's Law will be groundbreaking, and will be up there assisting the Adam Walsh Act, the Lungsford Act, Amber Alert, and many others that are necessary for our children," he wrote in an e-mail.

On The Joy Behar Show, the talk show host asked one of Casey's defense attorneys, Dorothy Sims, whether or not she'd feel comfortable leaving her infamous client at home with her children.

"Well, you know, my kids are older," Sims responded.

But Behar wasn't letting her off that easily. "Well let's say they were younger. Would you leave her with your children?" she asked.

"I liked Casey Anthony," Sims stammered. "I came to trust her."

Squirming, Sims wouldn't give a definitive yes or no.

Eventually, she said, "The Casey Anthony that I knew, I felt very comfortable with."