Ed Sullivan Theater Vandal Apologizes to David Letterman

INSIDE EDITION has the exclusive with out-of-work actor Jimmy Whittemore, who was caught on camera vandalizing David Letterman's Ed Sullivan Theater.

"I had somewhere between 10 to 15 beers and shots," says Jimmy Whittemore, the struggling actor who was caught on surveillance camera kicking in the glass doors of the famed Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City, where the Late Show with David Letterman is taped.

He got inside, and then ran through the lobby overturning everything in sight. As he left, police officers responding to a 911 call wrestled him to the ground.

Afterward, the lobby looked like a tornado had struck. The glass on the front doors was shattered and debris was strewn around the lobby.

The 22-year-old was nabbed by police outside the theater.

"I don't remember it," Whittemore said.

He told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent he had been drinking with friends and overdid it.  

"Do you have a drinking problem?" Trent asked him.

"I didn't think I did beforehand," Whittemore said.

Trent asked, "You think you do now?"

"Of course, if you black out and you don't remember what happened that's a definite wake-up call for me," he said. "It's a shock [when I watch the video]. It's weird to watch yourself and not remember what was going on."

Now, even before his trial, he's being punished. He's doing yard work to make amends with his furious family.

Whittemore's uncle, Mike Reilly, who raised the young man, was livid when he heard what his nephew had done.

He has Whittemore doing grunt work as payback for having to put up the bail money.

"I was very, very disappointed. I never thought Jimmy would do anything like this in a million years," Reilly told INSIDE EDITION.

Letterman made the incident a running joke on his show, and created a Top Ten list about the break-in.

Whittemore squirmed as he watched the show with Trent.

"Are you embarrassed when you see this, or is it funny?" Trent asked.

"Of course you're embarrassed," Whittemore said.

He made a brief court appearance today on burglary and criminal mischief charges.

He also has a message for Letterman: "I'm sorry. I really am. I'm sorry."