Fearless Chihuahua Fends Off Armed Robbers

INSIDE EDITION has the story of Paco, the heroic Chihuahua who chased two armed robbers out of a neighborhood store.

Two armed robbers burst into a neighborhood store in southern California wearing masks and waving a gun. It was a terrifying stick up!

But suddenly, a brave Chihuahua came to the rescue!

The fearless pooch went crazy on the intruders, barking furiously and snapping at their ankles. No one was going to hold up the store on his watch!

The robbers fled in terror and the tiny Chihuahua chased them up the street.

After he chased the bad guys off, he came back to make sure everyone was all right. Then he took up a position in front of the door, standing guard to make sure the bad guys don't dare come back.

The crime-fighting Chihuahua is named Paco, and he weighs just 10 pounds. But it would be a mistake to judge him by size alone. He may be tiny, but he packs a ferocious punch.

"It would have been a lot worse if Paco wasn't in the shop," says storeowner Eric Knight.

Knight is not even Paco's owner! He says Paco lives nearby and is the neighborhood watchdog. The Chihuahua goes on patrol every day, visiting all the shops along Lake Avenue in Altadena.

Knight says watching one part of the video makes him upset. "They pointed the gun at Paco, which was scary, to say the least," he said.

Despite Paco's heroics, the thieves did get away with $200.