Woman Says Erin Andrews' Peeping Tom Violated Her

Erin Andrews's peeping tom incident made headlines across the country. Now INSIDE EDITION talks to another woman who says she was victimized by the same man.

We're hearing for the first time from a woman who says she was violated by the man convicted of peeping on Erin Andrews.

"He didn't do this to one person, he did this to many people," Andrews told INSIDE EDITION at the ESPY Awards earlier this week.

Jamie Brubaker and convicted stalker Michael Barrett were co-workers who sometimes traveled together, staying in the same hotels. She says she was stunned when she saw reports that Barrett had been arrested for stalking Erin Andrews, secretly videotaping her through a peephole at a Nashville hotel.

"I still am sick about it. If it wasn't for her incident, I wouldn't be here at this point," said Brubaker.

"I was sitting on the couch watching ESPN and across the screen it said Mike Barrett arrested for the Erin Andrews video peeping. I was retracking, 'Is that the Mike Barrett I worked with?' "

That's when Brubaker says her nightmare began. Videos of other women secretly shot by Barrett had been seized and the FBI told Brubaker she could be a match to a woman on the tapes. They showed her 15 seconds of grainy video.

"I was unclothed and I was getting ready in the morning. What he was doing was just holding the BlackBerry up to the peephole. I didn't want to see it. When I did see it and I was so sick," Brubaker tearfully recalled. 

She now covers up peepholes in hotels and says she's haunted by the thought of who else may have seen video of her in her most private moments.

"It makes me angry and at the same time, I'm scared," said Brubaker.