Search For Missing Mom Jacque Waller Continues

A mother of three adorable triples went missing the day she signed her divorce papers and INSIDE EDITION talks to family members who believe her ex-husband was involved in her disappearance. Her ex-husband denies any involvement in her disappearance.

Jacque Waller signed her divorce papers on June 1, and the mother of triplets has not been seen since. Police refer to her estranged husband as "a person of interest" and say they do suspect foul play, but so far, have come up with nothing to help locate the kids' mom.

Avery, Addison and Maddox haven't seen their mother since she vanished seven weeks ago.

Jacque's sister, Cheryl Brenneke, spoke candidly to INSIDE EDITION. She is now caring for the 5-year-old triplets.

"Half the time they think mommy is coming home and the other half of the time they think mommy is in heaven," Cheryl said.

But while the mystery builds, Cheryl is convinced Jacque's estranged husband, ex-cop Clay Waller, knows exactly where she is.

"There's no doubt in my mind. We know he killed her," Cheryl said.

Jacque's parents Stan and Ruby Rawson also believe Clay was the last person to see their daughter alive.

"She said that she wanted to leave, but he said he would kill her if she did," Ruby said.

The last time Jacque was seen was at Clay's house on June 1st, the day she had attended a court hearing to finalize her divorce. Her family said she drove there to pick up one of the triplets, Maddox, but claim she was set up.

"She said, 'I just got out of the attorney's office, I signed the papers, I'm going to swing by and grab Maddox,' " Cheryl remembered.

But it turns out Maddox wasn't with Clay when Jacque arrived. Her family believes Clay used the child as bait to lure Jacque inside the empty house.

"We think he murdered her and a couple of hours later, he disposed of the body," Cheryl said.

Clay told police that Jacque left his house by foot after they got into an argument. Her SUV was discovered abandoned on the interstate with a flat tire.

Cheryl believes that Clay put Jacque's car there.

Attorney Scott Reynolds represents Clay and insists his client is not only innocent, but also a victim. Clay is now fighting to get his children back.

"Her car broke down, somebody could have picked her up on the side of the road and kidnapped her," Reynolds said. "He's being portrayed as a horrible monster. There's no evidence that he's committed domestic violence against Jacque."

But Cheryl and her parents claim that is simply not true.

"[Clay] started being physically abusive about a year ago," Cheryl said. "He put a gun in her mouth and told her she was going to kill herself if she tried to divorce him."

The police have named Clay a person of interest, but have not charged him.

"He always threatened to kill his children. He took the kids fishing one day and said, 'You might want to take a picture, this will probably be the last time you ever see them,' " Cheryl said.

Jacque's father can't believe his son-in-law wrote this post on a Facebook page dedicated to finding Jacque: "I miss you so much. I wish for your safe return."

Stan responded with a message of his own.

"I just wanted to mention that you're not fooling anybody at all. I understand the sheriff has a [sic] orange jumpsuit picked out for you, and a fine room at the Cross Bar will regret hurting my girl...I promise you will!"  

While she vows justice for Jacque, Cheryl points to Casey Anthony's recent acquittal and says she still fears the worst.

"Our hearts sank. We thought, if she can get by with it, he may be able to get by with it," Cheryl said.

The court has denied Clay Waller custody of the children since Jacque's disappearance.