Charlie Sheen's High School Diary Released

INSIDE EDITION has details from Charlie Sheen's teenage diary that sheds new light on the troubled star's past.

It is a bizarre glimpse into the teenaged mind of Charlie Sheen. The troubled actor, who's made a second career with his bizarre outbursts, shared some similarly disturbing thoughts in a journal he kept during high school.  

Sheen wrote the diary during the 1979-1980 school year at Santa Monica High School. The 35-page journal is a window into the actor's mind, which at the age of just 14 already appears consumed with disturbing thoughts.

"Often I feel that I'm gonna go crazy. I really don't know why either. Who knows maybe someday I'll just go whacko [sic]," Sheen wrote.

Many of the entries are thoughts about death.

"How do I feel when I'm all alone– well, it's weird, I kind of don't feel anything. A lot of times, I think about dieing [sic]," he writes.

The strange obsessions that would later torpedo his career as the highest paid actor on television are already present in the diary.

He drew a creepy looking picture he labeled "The Warlock," an idea for a movie his brother, actor Emilio Estevez, could star in.

Sheen also fantasized about "harems" and "goddesses" even then. The teenaged Sheen described his dream vacation as "one with a harem of 40 beautiful girls all in Hawaii."

Nate Sanders is auctioning the diary in Los Angeles.

"He seems to have some of the exact same thought patterns 30 years ago that he does today…Charlie Sheen of today is the Charlie Sheen of 14," Sanders said.