Where is Casey Anthony?

Casey Anthony walked out of prison a free woman this weekend, but where did she go? And what will her life be like? INSIDE EDITION reports.

Casey Anthony is free, but the big question today is, where is she?

The most reviled woman in America walked out of jail and literally disappeared into the night.

"This is the ultimate mystery. Where is Casey Anthony? And that's why this whole case continues to intrigue us," says CNN's Jane Velez-Mitchell.

The SUV carrying Casey and her attorney Jose Baez sped towards Orlando Airport.

That's where the trail went cold. One report says she flew on a 12-seater private plane to Panama City then Houston before landing in Prescott, Arizona.

But another private plane, a Lear jet, left Orlando at 1:04 a.m., arriving in Youngstown, Ohio, where Casey's uncle lives, at 2:51 a.m.

George Anthony reportedly texted Jose Baez, "Is Casey on that plane?" Baez texted back, "She's safe."

Her uncle said, "Casey is not staying with us. I don't know where she is."

"There's reports she may in Puerto Rico, there's reports she might be on the yacht of a media mogul," says Velez-Mitchell.

And is Todd Macaluso the man who orchestrated her disappearance? He's a prominent lawyer from San Diego and a former member of the defense team.

He boasts on his website that he has a private plane "which enables us to travel anywhere within the United States in seven hours."
Casey's civil attorney Charles Green says she's an emotional wreck.

"I think Ms. Anthony right now is happy, she's sad, she's anxious, she's optimistic. She's worried, she's scared, she's uncertain," he said.

The moment of her release was filled with high drama. Casey mouthed the words, "Thank you" to an armed deputy before exiting the jail. She showed zero emotion, but broke into a broad grin the instant she climbed into the SUV.

"She's smiling. It's just, it's heartbreaking," said an onlooker.

A wild stampede erupted as angry citizens ran to catch her motorcade but they were halted by police barricades. Police officers were on horseback moving the crowd back.

Casey gave everyone the slip, but these protestors say her newfound freedom may be bittersweet.

"She has to look over her shoulder the rest of her life. And that's just no way to live," said one.