Casey Anthony Spotting Was a Hoax

Casey Anthony’s whereabouts has become a national obsession as footage of a woman running across the tarmac at the Orlando airport with her head covered turned out to be a hoax. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

The frenzy over where Casey Anthony is hiding is becoming a national obsession.

A widely reported sighting of Casey at an Orlando airport turned out to be an elaborate hoax, perhaps orchestrated by a former member of her defense team, Todd Macaluso.

Casey's chief defense lawyer, Jose Baez, told WKMG-TV in Orlando the figure in the hot pink top was not his client.

"I can absolutely 100% tell you that is not her," Baez said. "I can't explain Mr. Macaluso's actions. Neither the defense team or Casey had anything to do with what was going on. I think it's probably just Todd having fun."

An angry Nancy Grace spoke out about the cynical prank on Good Morning America.

"While Tot Mom could be spending her time thinking about her daughter–her lawyers say the grieving has just begun–this doesn't sound like grieving to me. It's a prank played at the expense of her family, her parents, the media, the press, and the public, who thinks she's guilty," Grace said.

So, if that's not Casey returning to Orlando, where is she?

The most hated woman in America is being tracked by outraged citizens. Already, there are 50 'Where's Casey?' pages on Facebook.

One report has her living in a mental health facility near Prescott, Arizona. Records show that the plane that flew her out of Orlando following her release on Sunday and made a stop in Prescott.

Another report says she went to Palm Springs, California and had a sit-down with a former Jerry Springer TV producer named Al Taylor.

Taylor claims to have offered her a $1 million check for a tell-all interview.

"If I were Casey Anthony, and thank God I'm not, I would immediately go into a residential treatment program and try to deal with my demons," HLN's Jane Velez-Mitchell said.

When asked when we will hear directly from Casey, Baez only said, "The priority right now is just helping Casey start living her new life."