Casey Anthony's Attorney Says She Wants to Become a Lawyer

With three years of legal battles behind her so far, could Casey Anthony have a future practicing law now that she’s out of prison? INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

What does Casey Anthony want to do with the rest of her life? Her defense attorney Cheney Mason says Anthony wants to be—get this—a lawyer!

Mason said Anthony told him, " 'When I get out I want to be a lawyer. When I get out I want to come and work in your law office.' "

"She said that?" aked a reporter.

"Oh yeah. It's not realistic," said Mason.

He says she doesn't want to live in Florida.

"Would you? I wouldn't. The state of Florida tried to kill her," said Mason.

Meanwhile, we're learning more about the stunning video which showed a woman dressed like Anthony sprinting across the tarmac at an Orlando airport. It seemed to show Anthony returning home.

Lead defense attorney Jose Baez is claiming it's a hoax orchestrated by a former member of the defense team, Todd Macaluso.

Macaluso can be seen in the video wearing a blue shirt on the left of the woman dressed like Anthony.

Jane Velez Mitchell of CNN Headline News told INSIDE EDITION, "I do think it is possible that is is Casey, because her roots are in Orlando. Maybe they just didn't anticipate a video being taken of them landing."

Adding to the credibility of the report is the fact that there were also other members of the defense team at the airport when the incident unfolded. They include Michelle Medina, an attorney in Baez's own law firm, and lawyer William Slabaugh who owns the SUV in which Anthony was driven away from jail the night of her release.

And TV producer Al Taylor claims he had some face time with Anthony. Nancy Grace quizzed him about the encounter and she sounded skeptical.

"Mr. Taylor, you met with her in Palm Springs. Where in Palm Springs?" asked Grace.

"It was a hotel in the Palm Springs area," said Taylor.

"What hotel?" asked Grace.

"I can't say," replied Taylor.

"Why?" asked Grace.

"Because then the media descends on the hotel," said Taylor.

Meanwhile, Cheney Mason's wife Shirley called 911 over non-stop threatening phone calls coming from citizens still angry at Anthony's acquittal.

Shirley: "I'm just getting a lot of threatening phone calls at my home. I'd just like an officer to respond so I can get something done."

911 operator: "No problem. I'll get someone out there."

In a written complaint she says numerous callers told her: "Casey Anthony can run but she can't hide." and "Your husband and Baez better sleep with one eye open."