New Details Emerge on Florida Teen Accused of Murder

INSIDE EDITION is learning more about the teenage boy accused of murdering his parents with a hammer, including allegedly making sure they knew he was about to kill them and boasting to friend about it at the party he threw inside the home after the ki

Gruesome new details are emerging about the moment cops say 17-year-old Tyler Hadley murdered his parents before throwing a house party.

According to a report just released by police, Hadley told a friend that he "stood behind his mother (Mary Jo Hadley) while she was sitting at the computer and thought about killing her for five minutes" before attacking her with a 22-inch hammer.

Mary Jo Hadley screamed one last word to her son, "Why?" before he bludgeoned her to death.

"Tyler did not kill his parents while they were in bed, which would've been the easy way. He wanted to make sure they were both awake, alert, and knew what was happening to them. He wanted them to feel his rage…that was his big thrill," criminal profiler Pat Brown said.

According to the report, Hadley's dad Blake walked into the room, where he stood in shock. The men reportedly "stared in each other's eyes for about a minute" before Hadley beat his father to death.

Cops say Hadley then took about three hours to clean up the blood before throwing the house party.

"Tyler gave a party after killing his parents, which to me shows there's absolutely no remorse," Brown said.

Cop say Michael Mandell, Hadley's best friend, tipped them off. Hadley reportedly told Mandell all about how he had murdered his parents that night at the party. When Mandell expressed disbelief, Hadley told him to check out the master bedroom to see for himself.

Mandell was shocked to see blood all over the floor, and called the police as soon as he was home.

Hadley is being charged with two counts of second degree murder. He's being charged as an adult, but cannot get the death penalty because he's just shy of his 18th birthday.