Woman Rescued at Niagara Falls

The power of Niagara Falls came too close to home for one tourist who found herself in trouble when she ventured too far into the water. INSIDE EDITION talks to the woman about her harrowing ordeal.

Niagara Falls is one of the most spectacular sights in the world. But the falls' mesmerizing power almost pulled one bride-to-be to her death.

30-year-old Lindsey Burgess was hiking close to the falls. Just moments after a home video was shot, she reached out to touch the treacherous, roiling waters. Suddenly she was sucked into a whirlpool known as Devil's Hole—almost certain death. 

"It's like the water just grabbed me and pulled me in," said Burgess.

Fiancé Rich Waggoner watched helplessly.

"I knew I couldn't go in after her but I wanted to," said Waggoner.

Burgess was spotted by the crew of a jet boat carrying sightseeers. The dramatic rescue was caught on tape by one of the passengers. A crew member tried desperately to toss Burgess and life preserver. The captain steered toward her and 19-year-old crew member Brittany Thomson pulled out her lifeless body.

"Then I was able to find someone on the boat that was trained in CPR. So we did two-man CPR. She did breaths, I did compression because [Burgess] had no pulse when we lifted her out of the water, and we were able to get her pulse back," said Thomson.

Incredibly, Burgess survived and on Friday, she and her fiancé returned for the first time to the spot where she almost lost her life.

"People don't come out of this alive," said Thomson.

The Niagara Falls drama came as tourists at another spectacular waterfall met with tragedy earlier this week when three friends who tried to take a closer look at a 31-story waterfall in Yosemete National Park fell to their deaths.

And on the other side of the world, in India, a family of five clung to each other for dear life before the awesome power of a raging river swept them over the falls.

A tragic fate one bride-to-be avoided at one of America's most awe-inspiring landmarks.