INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero Tests Out Water-Propelled Jetpack

The latest craze in water recreation is flying over the water in a jetpack, and INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero takes one for a spin.

If you've ever wanted to fly, now you actually can.

The water-propelled jetpack is the new hottest summer sport. John Morris, who owns Jetlev Southwest, accompanied INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero on her lesson in Newport Beach, California.

Training on the jetpack starts with learning how to steer and use the arm controls. After a 20-minute training session, it was time to take flight.

"In the beginning, we're going to want her to keep her control arms up so it lifts her up out of the water," an instructor said.

Guerrero then strapped on a helmet with speakers, so her instructor could communicate with her from the shore.

Her first attempt to fly turned bumpy, and ended with her swallowing water. But then, it happened–she actually flew!

But the real pro is Morris.

Morris soared 30 feet high into the sky, spun in circles, and walked on water to stun spectators.

The jetpack is connected to a small boat that sucks up water, which then shoots through a hose and out a nozzle. This creates 420 lbs of thrust, so that the flyer can go up and away.

A lesson on a Jetlev in Newport Beach, California cost $350 for three hours of flight school.