Amy Winehouse's Final Days

Singer Amy Winehouse was found dead on Saturday at the age of 27. INSIDE EDITION has details from her final days and reaction from the entertainment world about her tragic death.

INSIDE EDITION is learning more about the final days of Amy Winehouse. The Grammy Award-winning singer was found dead in her apartment over the weekend.

Just three days after a surprise appearance at a London music festival, the 27-year-old singer's body was carried from her home in a red body bag.

Her father, Mitch, wept openly today as he and Winehouse's mom, Janis, viewed flowers and tributes left by fans outside her home.  

Winehouse's death from a suspected drug overdose is stunning the music world.

"Amy Winehouse was at a point in her career where she could've cleaned up. Had she cleaned up, she could've moved on to a whole different sound and could've lasted a long time," Z100's Elvis Duran said.

Rihanna tweeted, "I am genuinely heartbroken." Lady Gaga said, "I remember knowing there was hope and feeling not alone because of her."

The singer's last days were spent in a drug and alcoholic haze, according to published reports. She was said to be distraught after the end of a relationship with her movie director boyfriend, Reg Travis.

"We look at many celebrities who are notorious drug users in our society and we say, 'When? Is the shoe going to drop? What is going to happen?' I think it's not shocking for many people, because we knew she was suffering a lot," human behavior expert Dr. Wendy Walsh said.

Her mother Janis said she saw her daughter the day before she died and that she seemed "out of it."

"[Winehouse] said, 'I love you Mom.' They are words I will always treasure. I'm glad I saw her when I did," Janis said.

Winehouse's once glittering career had become a train wreck. In May, her tour was abandoned after a concert in Belgrade. She slurred her words and appeared drunk or high.

Her tragic, drug-fueled decline was chronicled on INSIDE EDITION. A disturbing 2008 video showed the star smoking crack. That same year, she was arrested for assault after an incident outside of a club. A video from that night shows her with what appears to be a joint in her hand.

The troubled singer also appeared on a freezing London street in a red bra and jeans, clearly distraught and in bare feet.

U.S. authorities delayed issuing her a visa due to her drug arrests, so she was not able to attend  the 2008 Grammy Awards. Instead, she performed via satellite, and appeared stunned when she won five of the prestigious awards.

In 2008, Kathie Lee Gifford said, "I don't think this young woman is going to make it to 28! It's terrifying."

Today, that prediction turned out to be tragically accurate.

Authorities said toxicology results could take up to several weeks.