Funeral for Parents Allegedly Murdered by Teen Son

The funeral for a Florida couple allegedly slain by their teen son drew a large crowd today as a once-tranquil neighborhood deals with the shock. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It was a crime that shocked America: a teenager allegedly bludgeoned his mother and father to death with a hammer, and then threw a party in the family home with the bodies still inside.

This weekend, the parents were laid to rest. Their oldest son, the brother of the accused killer, walked bravely from the church. With his parents dead and his brother in jail, 23-year-old Ryan Hadley feels very alone, according to family and friends.

"It hurt so much to see him standing up there, words can't express, they really can't," a friend said.

"He was a mess. Because every person he saw come in, he broke down a little more," neighbor Raeann Wallace said.

1,000 mourners packed the church in Port St. Lucie, Florida, to say farewell to Mary Jo Hadley, a first grade teacher, and Blake Hadley, an engineer described as a "gentle giant."

"He was a big teddy bear, everybody loved him," a family friend commented.

Tyler Hadley, who hosted a party while his parents lay dead in the master bedroom, remains in jail on suicide watch. His friend said Hadley took three Ecstasy pills before attacking his parents, and planned to kill himself by overdosing on Percocet after the party ended.

Neighbor Raeann Wallace says the sleepy city of Port St. Lucie remains stunned.

"They played basketball in the driveway for hours. So it was really, really hard to believe that something like that could happen," Wallace said.

She told INSIDE EDITION Hadley's elderly grandparents attended the funeral in a state of shock that their grandson is accused of comitting the murders.

"Mary Jo's mom was patting the coffin, like you would comfort your child. It was really heartbreaking," she said.

17-year-old Tyler Hadley has pled not guilty to double murder charges.