Mourning Fans of Amy Winehouse Cause Chaos in London

As devastated fans of Amy Winehouse cause chaos in London, a strange photo has emerged of her bodyguards posing with her ashes. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Amy Winehouse's fans have been causing chaos in London, mourning her death by getting drunk or high.

They left cans of beer and unsmoked cigarettes as bizarre tributes among the flowers outside her home.  

And America's Got Talent judge Sharon Osbourne, whose daughter Kelly attended the funeral, is speaking out about the singer's death.

"I think that Amy is at peace. I think she's finally at peace with herself, but her mom and dad unfortunately never will be now," Osbourne said.   

Fellow judge Piers Morgan said the tragedy could have been prevented.

He said, "Amy Winehouse was the best British singer-songwriter since Elton John and she's dead at 27. There will be a lot of people making money off her now she's dead, but where were they when she needed them?"  

In the latest issue, People magazine reports that Winehouse's parents were powerless to help her in her final days.

"There were people around her who loved her, supported her, begged her, fought with her to try to get better. And then she would. But then there would be the inevitable slide, and it was this vicious, frustrating cycle that finally ended with her death," People's Mike Fleeman said.

Meanwhile, a new photo has emerged of Amy Winehouse's team of five bodyguards posing with the singer's ashes.

In the center, holding the box, is the bodyguard who actually found Winehouse's lifeless body.

The label on the box says Amy Jade Winehouse and Golders Green Crematorium.   

The strange picture was taken just minutes after the Grammy-winning star was cremated.

Mitch Winehouse, Amy's father, has announced that the family is starting the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Funds will help causes his daughter loved, including animals, children, and others battling substance abuse.