Is Michael Douglas Smoking Again?

A shocking new photo will stun fans of Michael Douglas. The actor, who recently won a grueling battle with throat cancer, was photographed apparently smoking while on vacation in Italy. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It's the Michael Douglas magazine cover shocking America.

"Michael Douglas Smoking Again," says the headline on the cover of Star magazine next to a picture of the actor apparently puffing away.

It comes just a few months after the 66-year-old won a grueling battle with stage 4 throat cancer.

Star says Douglas was seen discreetly lighting up less than a week ago, during a quiet moment on his yacht off the coast of Italy. His wife, Catherine Zeta Jones, had just gone ashore, the magazine says.

The magazine also says it's not known what Douglas was smoking, and speculates that it could even be marijuana, possibly for medical reasons. Either way, experts say it's ill-advised.

"Any smoke entering your body can be really harmful to you after a cancer diagnosis, in terms of the way we treat you and in terms of the disease proressing," Dr. Marc Siegel said.

There was a similar photo scandal when Patrick Swayze was caught smoking while battling pancreatic cancer. He died just six months later.

During Douglas's fight with cancer, images of him looking gaunt and drawn shocked fans. Fortunately, he's looking much better these days.

Meanwhile, Zeta Jones has her own strategy for quitting smoking. She's been using an electronic cigarette, which gives off water vapor instead of smoke.

Michael Douglas had no comment on the new photo.