13-Year-Old Boy Survives Being Impaled By Bamboo

INSIDE EDITION has the amazing story of a boy who was impaled by bamboo. The stick of bamboo went right through his neck, but miraculously did not pierce any major arteries.

It's one of the most shocking images you'll ever see: a boy impaled with a bamboo pole right through the side of his neck. His dad, David Heal, couldn't believe it.

"There was a three-foot pole coming out of his neck," David said.   

13-year-old Dez Heal was in his backyard with his buddies playing their favorite game, ninja, just like in the movies.

That's when it happened, and Dez screamed for his dad.      

"I just tried to stay as calm as I could because he looked pretty scared," said David.

Dez was rushed to the hospital still impaled by the bamboo. Doctors tried to figure out how to remove the stick without causing further injury.  

He said, "It just kind of went in...kind of beside my throat, missed it thankfully, missed all the bones, and came out just behind my ear about three inches."

Five hours after the accident, the bamboo was finally removed. By some miracle, it did not pierce any major arteries. And Dez says his days of playing ninja are over.

"No more ninja," he said.