Riot Erupts at Los Angeles Movie Premiere After Single Tweet

Hollywood Boulevard erupted into a riot zone after a popular DJ tweeted to his fans that there would be a block party at a movie premiere. INSIDE EDITION reports.

A riot broke out at a movie premiere in the heart of Hollywood—right on the legendary walk of fame.

Street battles with police erupted outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre, and just steps away from where the Oscars® are held at the Kodak Theater.

Peace has been restored on Hollywood Boulevard, but just last night the world famous movie landmark, Grauman's Chinese Theater, was the scene of vicious rioting. And it was all triggered by, get this, a single tweet!

DJ Kaskade, his real name is Ryan Raddon, tweeted to his 90,000 followers that there was a block party at the premiere of a movie about a controversial music festival, the Electric Daisy Carnival.

Kaskade tweeted: "Let's see if the magic of social networking will work today. Tonight in Hollywood me+big speakers+music=block party!!!"

Thousands descended on Grauman's Chinese Theater and spilled on to Hollywood Boulevard. Brawls broke out in the center of the seething mass of humanity.

A thin blue line of cops moved forward to disperse the crowd, and then the battle of Hollywood Boulevard began with police firing rounds of bean bags.

Paris Hilton, on her way to the premiere, was warned by paparazzi to turn back.

"Yes there's a huge riot! You need to turn back. Kaskade tweeted about it and they're all rioting," said one photographer.

"That's what we're going to see. Kaskade," said Hilton.

"No, no, no. It's over. It's over. Turn around Paris," said the photographer.

"We're friends of them," said Hilton.

The photographer continued, "I know, but it's really dangerous! Paris!"

She drove on, but tweeted: "Omg! What's going on on Hollywood blvd? The cops are blocking the streets and saying there is a riot."

Some youths taunted cops by lying down in the street. Others were defiant even as they were placed under arrest.

"I'm not going to let anyone tell me where I can go, where I can stand and where I can't stand," said one crowd member.

The LAPD is doing one more push on Hollywood Bouolevard where just a few stragglers remain; thousands of people have already headed home.

It's not the first time an Electric Daisy Carnival event has turned violent. The scene turned dangerous at the L.A. Colisseum last year when fans gate crashed the annual festival. A teenager was killed and 200 others were injured.

Social media helped start this riot and also helped to end it. Amid the chaos, DJ Kaskade tweeted: "Everyone chill now!!! This is too crazy!"