Jackson Family Stun Gun Investigation

Child welfare workers are investigating whether Michael Jackson's son came in contact with a stun gun through one of his cousins. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

There's a major investigation at the Jackson family compound.

Was Michael Jackson's youngest son Blanket threatened with a stun gun?

California child welfare officials are there looking into the shocking allegations that could result in Katherine Jackson losing custody of Michael's three children.

So how did a stun gun that is capable of delivering a powerful 300 thousand volts end up in the Jackson house?

Well it's been revealed that Jermaine Jackson's 13-year-old son Jaafar bought the stun gun online. They cost around $50.

The investigators went inside the compound to question all the children in the house and were reportedly shocked to discover that there were 14 children living in the house.

Stun guns and tasers deliver a non lethal but disabling jolt.

A Jackson family lawyer said Katherine heard the noise of the stun gun and immediately took it from Jaafar, and that he was only pointing it at a piece of paper, never at his little cousin.

In a statement the attorney said, "Blanket Jackson never saw or heard the taser. Neither did Paris Jackson."

INSIDE EDITION asked family law attorney Mike Kretzmer if there is a risk that Katherine could lose custody of the children.

"There is a risk that she'll lose custody. It immediately raises the question whether Katherine is doing her job properly supervising the children placed in her care," said Kretzmer.