William Levy Speaks Out to INSIDE EDITION About Jennifer Lopez Rumors

Latin heartthrob William Levy spoke to INSIDE EDITION about rumors that he may have played a role in the break up of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

He's the heartthrob rumored to be the reason Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony ended their seven-year marriage, and he's speaking out for the first time. 

William Levy is the hunk in J.Lo's steamy new music video, shot on the white sand beaches of Cancun, Mexico.

Levy spoke with INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret.

"So many people think you broke up Jennifer Lopez's marriage to Marc Anthony. What do you want them to know?" asked Moret.

"It's not true," replied Levy. "It was nice working with her, very nice working with her. She's someone I admire a lot."

But, after shooting the video with J.Lo, he also announced his eight-year marriage was over, leading to rumors that he and J.Lo were in a hot and heavy romance. J.Lo was even asked about their relationship on The Tonight Show.

Jay Leno said, "I know your husband and know he's going, 'Who is that guy?' "

Lopez said, "He knows him."

Levy says it's hard being labeled a "homewrecker."

"When they see you as breaking up family, it's not nice," said Levy.

Known as the "Cuban Brad Pitt," his soap opera on Univision is the number one telenovela in the U.S. The finale airs next week.

Levy hopes he can put all those J.Lo rumors to rest.