Amy Winehouse's Dad Gives Her Clothes to Grieving Fans

Some lucky Amy Winehouse fans were overcome with emotion when her father handed out some of her clothes to the mourning crowd outside their home. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It was an extraordinary scene as Amy Winehouse's dad gave away her clothes to her grieving fans.

Mitch Winehouse emerged from his daughter's house carrying a stack of her clothes, the same t-shirts she wore when she performed.

Her dad handed out the t-shirts to the startled crowd, saying, "This is what she would have wanted– for her fans to have her clothes."

One fan was so overcome with emotion, she clutched Amy's red t-shirt to her face and dabbed away tears.

Afterwards, Amy's family and friends gathered at a London jazz club to commemorate the singer's life with drinks, and even burst into a song.

Mitch hugged Amy's best friend, Kelly Osbourne, who wore glasses and a pink headband. The look was completely different look from the beehive hairdo she wore as a tribute to her friend at the funeral.

Amy's family allegedly believes she died from a seizure brought about by trying to quit drinking cold turkey. The star reportedly had decided to lay off alcohol completely for three weeks, and it may have resulted in a lethal shock to her body.  

INSIDE EDITION asked addiction expert Dr. Charles Sophy if an unsupervised withdrawal could have killed her.

"When people just cold turkey stop, their bodies go into shock, that's oftentimes how you get a seizure, get a heart attack, get unconscious, all of the symptoms that lead to death," Sophy said.