Princeton Review Releases 2012 List of US College Rankings

The Princeton Review has released its annual listing of college rankings, and INSIDE EDITION has the top-rated schools in categories like best food, best dorms, and most beautiful campus.

Which college has the best dorms in America?

Bryn Mawr College is said to have the best dorms in America. As the latest edition of the Princeton Review puts it, "The women's college in Pennsylvania has dorms like palaces!"

"They're truly, truly palatial residence halls. One is called the Rockefeller Hall, it was built in 1904. In the residence halls there are gothic arches, there are window seats, there are original fireplaces, it is truly lovely," said Robert Franek.

Franek ranked colleges all over America on everything from wildest parties to happiest students.

It turns out dorm food isn't as bad as it used to be. The top spot for best food goes to Wheaton College, in Illinois.  

"The most impressive thing about the food is that all of the food is made from scratch in three dining halls to serve those 2,400 students," Franek said.

Most beautiful campus goes to Florida Southern College.

"It is a spectacular campus. It's over hundred acres, it sits right lakefront on Lake Collingsworth, it's right outside of Orlando. The most impressive thing about the campus beauty is that in 1937 Frank Lloyd Wright had designed and then built twelve of the central buildings on campus."

The happiest students are found at Rice University in Houston.

"Students lavish praise on the lifestyle they have at Rice, amazing and challenging classes, but then this beautiful quality of life outside of campus as well," says Franek.

The top stone cold sober school is no surprise to most: Brigham Young University.

"Stone cold sober school, number one on that list for now fourteen years consecutively," said Franek.

And which school landed the not-so-sough-after title of top party school in the US? Ohio University.

Franek said, "[The] biggest party school this year is Ohio University Athens and Ohio University Athens has been on the list eight years out of the last ten."