Taylor Swift Gets Top Security Treatment in D.C.

Washington, D.C., police gave Taylor Swift the VIP treatment by escorting her through the city to see some sights. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

An SUV, escorted by cop cars, held some precious cargo in the form of Taylor Swift. The country music star got special VIP treatment after perfoming at a concert in the nation's capital last night.

The D.C. police played a game of cat and mouse with the paparazzi, trying to prevent photographers from snapping a photo of the singer. They slowly creeped through the streets, keeping the paparazzi behind them so the photographers couldn't shoot through the window of Swift's SUV.

Swift's motorcade was headed directly to the Lincoln Memorial where she posed for pictures with friends in front of Lincoln's 19-foot sculpture.

She later tweeted a photo with the message: "After the show, we went to see abe!! Pretty magical."

No comment yet from the police, but it wasn't the first time D.C. cops have given a celeb the nation's top treatment. Just three months ago Charlie Sheen got a high-speed police escort. The embattled actor was running late to a performance so cops ushered him through the streets of D.C. to get him to the theater on time.

D.C. Metropolitan Police launched an investigation into Sheen's special treatment. A report released last month called his escort "routine and accepted practice."

Sheen's concert promoter reimbursed the city nearly $500 for the police escort.