First Photos Show a Changed Casey Anthony

The judge who presided over Casey Anthony's murder trial has extended her deadline for reporting to authorities in Orlando for probation. Meanwhile, the first photos taken of Casey Anthony since she went into hiding show a different woman than the

Casey Anthony doesn't have to return to Orlando to serve a year's probation—yet.

Judge Belvin Perry, who presided over the murder trial, extended her 10 a.m. August 4th deadline for reporting to authorities.

He will hold a hearing Friday on a defense motion to quash her probation.  

Meanwhile, Casey is trying to go unnoticed in an Ohio State University baseball cap and thick-rimmed glasses. She appears to have packed on some pounds since her release from jail three weeks ago.     

She surfaced for the first time outside an Old Navy store in Columbus, Ohio, where she was spotted going through racks of dresses, belts, and other sale items.

Judge Jackie Glass, who is replacing Nancy Grace on Swift Justice, has a very different take from Nancy on the Casey Anthony jury's verdict.

"They're the only ones who get to make that decision and we really have to respect what our juries do even if we don't like their verdicts," she said.

And The Talk's Julie Chen is talking about her emotional reaction to the Casey Anthony verdict which came down during the show.

She revealed she expected her husband, CBS Corporation President and CEO Les Moonves, to be angry.

"I thought he was going to be mad like, 'How could you lose it?' and he was like, 'You know what? You're a human being and you're a mom and it's more important to be a mom than a broadcaster,' and he was right," Chen said.