Kate Gosselin Talks About the New Season of Kate Plus 8

Tonight is the premiere of another season of Kate Plus 8, and INSIDE EDITION talks to star Kate Gosselin about dating with eight kids and the rumors that this will be her show's last season.

Kate Gosselin is on the prowl this season on Kate Plus 8. In a scene from the show, TV's most famous single mom checks out a cute guy.

She spotted the guy while she was out making cupcakes with her kids. She called him over to offer him one, but it turned out he's on a gluten-free diet.

"I'm feeding enough people; I just can't do the dietary requirements!" Gosselin said.

"Talk about your children wanting you to get married again. What do they say to you?" asked INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent.

"[They ask] 'When are you going to get married again?' All the time, it's like this almost daily discussion," Gosselin said.

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant is also shooting down rumors that this will be the last season of her reality show.

"I think it's probably haters hoping and I mean nobody told me if it's being cancelled so we're just continuing on, having fun," she said.

The new season of Kate Plus 8 premieres tonight.