Siblings on the Run May Have Arsenal of Weapons

The sibling fugitives accused of robbing a bank are still on the run as their own mother pleads for them to surrender and family members warn police that the trio has an arsenal of weapons with them. INSIDE EDITON has the latest.

There's a desperate new plea to Lee Grace Dougherty, the big sister on the run with her two brothers.

In the wake of a Bonnie and Clyde-style bank robbery, authorities are making an appeal specifically to the 29-year-old Lee Grace.

"What we want her to do is tell them, you know what, be a motherly figure right now. Tell her two younger brothers it's time to go in to justice. Come in and make sure everything is safe," said Officer Chris Nocco.

We're also learning more about the sinister activities at the home where the siblings built an underground bunker. It wasn't just a fortress hideout for Bonnie and Clydes, it was a firing range too, according to neighbors.

"They would shoot off their guns, and we live in the country, so everyone does target practicing. But their's were high-caliber guns. So I would always tell my children to 'come inside. I don't want you to be outside,' " said neighbor Yvonne Clayton.

"They were shooting an automatic weapon that was not just a rifle or a shotgun, but it was something very potent and powerful," said neighbor Pastor John Clayton.

The three heavly-armed siblings are suspects in a bank holdup in Georgia. Cops say the trio also fired a 20-round barrage at a Florida lawman who tried to pull them over.

Police say the three may now be in disguise. Lee Grace, an exotic dancer, could have dyed her hair, and her brothers Dylan and Ryan may have grown beards.

Authorities fear the trio may stage another robbery when the cash runs low, triggering more violence. But police have a grim warning for the trio.

"I promise, if there's a battle, we will win that battle," said Officer Nocco.