Piers Morgan Fires Back at Heather Mills

Piers Morgan fires back at Paul McCartney's ex-wife Heather Mills after she claims a reporter hacked into her phone while he was running Rupert Murdoch's The Daily Mirror in London. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

It's a stunning accusation from America's Got Talent's Piers Morgan as he fires back at the woman who's accusing him of hacking into her phone messages!

"Paul McCartney says somebody hacked his phone. I suspect it was Heather Mills," said Morgan. "I've never hacked anyone's phone."

In a shocking interview on BBC radio, Heather Mills claims that during her stormy courtship with the legendary Beatle, her messages were hacked by a reporter for the London Daily Mirror in 2001 when Piers Morgan was running the paper.

"He said 'Oh, I heard you've had a big argument with your boyfriend.' I said, 'You've obviously hacked my phone,' " Mills said in a radio interview.

On Conan O'brien's show Monday night, Morgan went on the counter-attack.

"In their divorce, Paul McCartney accused her then of hacking into his phones and passing the information to the papers. I suspect what she was doing was hacking herself," said Morgan.

Murdoch apologized for the phone hacking within his empire, and Morgan also apologized for introducing McCartney to Mills.

"I introduced her to Paul McCartney at a Daily Mirror event. And that one decision by me cost Paul McCartney $50 million!

"And put $50 million in her pocket," said O'Brien.

"Rather than haranguing me, she should be thanking me. I do want to apologize, to Paul for introducing him to Heather," said Morgan.