George and Cindy Anthony Honor Caylee's Birthday While Casey Remains in Hiding

While George and Cindy Anthony honored what would have been they’re granddaughter Caylee’s 6th birthday, one of Casey’s lawyers says she’s not living in his San Diego mansion. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Applause greeted George and Cindy Anthony as they made a rare public appearance on what would have been little Caylee's 6th birthday.

The Anthonys wore t-shirts bearing Caylee's image. They were joined by more than 100 people at a memorial near the swampy area in Orlando where the little girl's remains were found nearly three years ago.

A butterfly alighted on Cindy Anthony's hand as they released purple balloons into the sky and sang "Happy Birthday" to Caylee.

The Anthonys weren't sure they'd be welcome at the emotional ceremony.

"We decided at the very last minute to come. We didn't know how we'd be perceived. It's a great tribute to Caylee," said George Anthony.

Of course, the most hated woman in America, their daughter Casey, was nowhere to be seen at the memorial. She remains in hiding after her acquittal on murder charges.

There are reports she's been living in Columbus, Ohio and also in a palatial $5 million mansion outside San Diego.

The five-bedroom mansion has a pool surrounded by palm trees and a living room with a 15-foot ceiling. The dining room even has a mounted deer head over the fireplace.

The mansion is in ritzy Rancho Santa Fe, California and is owned by attorney Todd Macaluso, who once served on Casey Anthony's defense team. He's the same guy who had his arm around a decoy Casey Anthony in a ploy to convince everyone that the vilified woman had returned to Orlando. It turned out to have been a hoax.

Now Macaluso is denying the real Casey Anthony is hiding out in his mansion.

"It's just not true. It's just more media hype. Casey Anthony hasn't been to my home and would never be at my home," said Macaluso.

He even invited reporter Allison Ash from KGTV inside to check every room in the mansion. There was no sign of Casey Anthony.