Riots Spread Outside of London

INSIDE EDITION reports on the riots in England that have spread outside of London as police grapple to gain control of the streets in multiple cities.

The violence is spreading in England. Two more cities were ravaged by rioters Tuesday night, and behind a lot of the mayhem are children!

One boy who can't be more than 10 years old was photographed looting, of all places, a liquor store!

And a YouTube video shows a gang of marauding youths taking over a major downtown shopping district in Manchester. They were looting an electronics store. Some guys made off with a large flat screen TV.

One thug was caught on tape setting fire to a clothing store. Video shows him carefully and deliberately setting fire to a mannequin in the store window. Then he saunters across the street to watch his evil deed. A few seconds later the store is engulfed in flames, and no one seems to care.

But the good people of England are fighting back. Some citizens carried brooms instead of weapons and got together to clean up the mess left behind by the rioters.

And some Hollywood celebrities are caught up in the violence. Twilight star Kristen Stewart who is in London making a movie, is reportedly under police guard. Production on her movie has been shut down and she and her co-stars have been instructed to stay away from the city center and the senseless violence gripping the nation.