Chelsea King's Murder Gets Attention From President Obama

The murder of Chelsea King has captured nation's attention. INSIDE EDITION speaks to America's Most Wanted host John Walsh, who was told by President Obama that he will do whatever he can to stop this type of tr

The parents of murdered teenager Chelsea King are speaking out for the first time about sex predator accused of killing her.

"It hurts like you could never imagine. The terrible tragedy that has enveloped my family is so much more than this person, and I won't say his name. He doesn't deserve a name," said Chelsea's father.

Chelsea's mom and dad were in court Wednesday to see John Gardner plead not guilty to murdering their daughter. They held hands for comfort as they revealed they want to dedicate the rest of their lives to reforming the laws on sex crimes.

"Chelsea created a magnificent stage for us to make change, and we are going to make change," said Chelsea's father.

Click here for the U.S. Department of Justice's National Sex Offender Public Website

Anger over this case is getting louder every day. One neighbor of Gardner is furious that residents weren't warned the convicted sex predator was back in his old stomping ground. He's the guy who confronted two men who painted over this shocking graffiti spray-painted on Gardner's garage door, "Chelsea's blood is on you. Move out."

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked the neighbor, "Aren't you outraged that this monster was back in your neighborhood and no one was given any notice?"

"Now you can understand the outrage not only that I had yesterday, but also other neighbors. They're all outraged," said the neighbor.

The house Gardner shared with his mother is the same house where he molested a teenage girl ten years ago. Some neighbors say his mother should also be held responsible for harboring a known sex predator.

An artist's impression of a suspect police say tried to abduct a 16-year-old girl six months ago in Lake Elsinore, California where Gardner used to live bears a striking resemblance to Gardner when compared side-by-side with his picture.

Now President Obama is weighing in on the case that is outraging America. INSIDE EDITION spoke to America's Most Wanted host John Walsh, who said, "President and I talked about the nightmare of the Chelsea King murder and how this guy who's alleged to have murdered her could have been in society and not more closely monitored."

In the wake of Chelsea's murder, John Walsh said the President promised him he would fund a national registry of sex offenders. Walsh interviewed the President for the thousandth episode of America's Most Wanted.

"President Obama looked me right in the eyes and said, 'John, as the father of two young daughters, I give you my word that I will make sure this White House funds the Adam Walsh Act to set up a national sex offender registry.' "

Watch a video of our interview with John Walsh here.