Fugitive Siblings Captured in Colorado

The Florida sibling fugitives accused of robbing a bank in Georgia have been captured by police in Colorado after a nationwide manhunt spanning over 2,000 miles, and it’s reported they didn’t go down without a fight. INSIDE EDITION has the

A dramatic shootout ends Bonnie and Clydes's life on the run.

Fugitives Lee Grace Dougherty and her two brothers were captured after a 100 mph car chase ended in a crash in Colorado, 2,000 miles away from their home in Florida. Lee Grace was shot in the leg during the drama.

Just like that earlier chase in Florida, cops say the trio fired shots at pursuing police cars in Colorado too. The heavily armed siblings had earlier purchased a tent and camping gear at a store in Colorado Springs. Their getaway car, a white Subaru, had been spotted by passing motorists.

"There was a car that fit the description that they showed on the news and we called it in," reported a motorist.

Things had been so tense that a Lee Grace Dougherty look-alike was pulled over as she and her fiancé drove on a Colorado highway. She also had camping gear in her backseat.

The look-alike woman said, "I was scared out of my mind. The cop had asked if I had been watching the news, if I had seen the two brothers and the sister from Florida, and if I knew if they were here or something. I said yeah, I had been watching the news and he said 'You look just like her.' "

Meanwhile, the lovers the fugitive siblings left behind are speaking out for the first time. And get this—one guy is a 45-year-old college math professor, and he's the fiancé of 29-year-old stripper Lee Grace. Brendan Bookman says he was stunned to hear she was America's most wanted fugitive.

"I couldn't see her taking a Mac-10 or something into a bank and robbing it or shooting a police officer," said Bookman.

And the pregnant girlfriend of Lee Grace's brother Ryan posted this shocking Facebook message directly to him: "I know y u did what u did. But buddy, ur supposed to be there when I deliver."

Now that the three siblings have been captured, that looks even less likely.