Maryland Woman Disappears in Aruba

An American woman has gone missing on the island of Aruba, where Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway went missing in 2005. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It's happened again! A beautiful blonde who was on vacation in Aruba is missing.

Former model Robyn Gardner went to the Caribbean island of Aruba with a man she met online.

50-year-old Gary Giordano claims Gardner disappeared while snorkeling. He's now in custody after trying to leave the island.

It's a disturbing reminder of the Natalee Holloway case, the teenager who disappeared in 2005.

Gardner's boyfriend, Richard Forester, says he's devastated to learn of his girlfriend's secret relationship and her disappearance.

"I'm scared, I'm sad, I'm trying to be positive and keep hope."

"Can you explain how it is Robyn was down there in Aruba with this other man?" asked INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent.

Forester said, "I wish I knew. I wish I knew. Believe me, that's something that tears my heart to pieces."

He says he received an apologetic e-mail from Gardner in Aruba before she vanished. It said: "I love you. We'll talk and sort things out when I get back."
"Whatever was happening at the time it was happening I can only imagine that she was thinking and probably screaming for me," said Forester.

Gardner and her mystery man were staying together at the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino in the same resort town where Natalee Holloway was last seen.

Aruban authorities searched the beach where Giordano claims she went missing, but found nothing.  

And we're learning more about Gary Giordano. He's twice divorced and was once given an 18-month suspended prison sentence for theft.  

His ex-wife claimed in court papers he "can't control his anger."

His Aruban attorney said Giordano "emphatically denies being involved in any malicious act concerning his friend."

Legal commentator Nancy Grace isn't buying his statement about a snorkeling accident.

"I've done a little research in this particular case, Robyn Gardner and Gary Giordano, the 50-year-old 'companion.' I learned that where they were snorkeling is called Baby Beach. The possibility that a riptide yanked her out to sea is unfathomable. I do not believe that is what happened," Grace said on Good Morning America.

Natalee Holloway's mother, Beth Holloway Twitty, spoke to our Jim Moret about the case and its similarities to her daughter's disappearance.

Moret asked, "When you think of Robyn Gardner's family, what do they have to look forward to?"

"Searching for a loved one in a foreign destination, I mean it's just, it's your worst nightmare," she said.

Gary Giordano has not been charged, but he is currently being held by authorities while they investigate the disappearance.