Three Friends Rescued After Fishing Boat Sinks

INSIDE EDITION talks to two of the three friends who videotaped their ordeal as their fishing boat sank off the coast of Martha's Vineyard. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Three friends were bobbing in the water after their boat sank. Unbelievably, one was able to use a camera, capturing their amazing story of survival.

John Majewski, Kevin Jackson, and another friend were fishing for tuna off the coast of Martha's Vineyard, the exclusive Massachusetts island where President Obama is scheduled to take his annual summer vacation later this month.

The bilge pump on their boat, which is supposed to drain water, wasn't working and suddenly they were going down.

"Water was just accumulating below deck," says Majewski.

Jackson added, "Two waves came over immediately and that covered the entire stern. At that point we knew we had to abandon ship."

The guys were six miles from shore in 120 feet of water and the dead tuna that they'd caught were floating around them, the blood potentially attracting sharks.

Majewski says, "I had jumped into the water and started swimming frantically to get away from the boat. I didn't stop to think about pulling the radio."

But then, call it a miracle, or just really good luck, the boat's radio actually floated up from the wreckage, allowing them to contact rescuers.

"If it wasn't for just pure luck, if wasn't for somebody looking out for us, things would have ended very differently," says Majewski.

They drifted for 45 minutes, waiting for rescue. At times, you can hear them goofing around, despite the dire circumstances.

"I think that's how we were just handling the stress," Majewski explains.

Finally, a large fishing vessel appeared to rescue them.

"We were given a second chance," says Jackson.

The guys say that besides losing the boat, they also lost the $6,000 of fishing equipment that was onboard.