Details on the Capture of Fugitive Siblings the Dougherty Gang

INSIDE EDITION reports on the details of the capture of three sibling fugitives accused of robbing a bank and shooting at police.

It's face the music time for Bonnie and Clydes.

Lee Grace Dougherty, who was shot in the leg in the wild chase that ended in her capture, appeared in court Thursday via video feed from a jail in Pueblo, Colorado. Her brothers Ryan and Dylan also appeared via video.

The siblings were caught in a dramatic highway shootout just outside Pueblo, Colorado.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret reports from the scene.

At about 9:02 a.m. local sheriffs received a call from somebody who said they spotted a car matching the Dougherty's white Subaru backed into a spot in a campground about 30 miles outside of Pueblo. The front license plate had been removed. By the time deputies arrived the Doughertys had already gone.

The next sighting was at a highway convenience store. At 9:36 a.m. a Pueblo County deputy spotted the Doughertys car parked outside a convenience store right off the interstate. One of the suspects was in the car. The two siblings hopped in and then the chase began.

That's when Jenny Neil realized the man she served was the subject of a nationwide manhunt.

"I saw maybe a dozen police cars with lights and sirens blaring going down the highway," said Neil.

Police chased the siblings along I-25 at speeds over 100 miles an hour.

Moret said, "When you heard the gunfire, you knew that those suspects were putting up a fight."

"Absolutely. We knew that they were firing at us just like they fired on that officer in Florida, and that the stakes had been raised," said an officer.

Unknown to the Doughertys, up ahead, an off-duty officer had laid out a stop stick, a strip with spikes to burst the tires.

At 9:46 a.m. the fleeing trio hit the stop stick, leaving skidmarks where the tires on the fugitives' car blew out. The chase was over, but there was more drama to come.

Lee Grace Dougherty took off running through the surrounding scrub. That's when she turned to fire and was shot in the leg by a cop.

Brother Dylan was taken into custody at the crash site, but baby brother Ryan managed to slip away. That's when some heroes working at a nearby construction site stepped in.

"We heard the shots, we see all the officers coming down the onramp with their guns drawn and their M-16s out," said construction worker Dave Dallaguardia.

"He turned his back on me and I saw that I had a chance and I grabbed him," said construction worker Dave Vucetich.

A convoy of police vehicles, sirens screaming, brought the siblings to the county jail. Heavily armed cops in flak jackets kept a wary eye on the surrounding streets.

Now justice has come calling for Bonnie and Clydes.