Dougherty Siblings Appear in Court

The Dougherty siblings appeared in court to face multiple charges after a nationwide manhunt. But the smile on big sister Lee Grace’s face has everyone talking. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Can you believe the attitude? Lee Grace Dougherty had a grin a mild wide as she appeared in court for the first time since that wild west shootout on a Colorado highway.

As George Stephanopoulos put it on Good Morning America: "What could she possibly be smiling about?"

Dougherty was actually in a wheelchair after being shot by a cop at the end of the 120-mile-an-hour chase. Her brother Dylan also appeared in court with a bandage on his wrist from the injuries he received when their getaway car crashed. Their kid brother Ryan also appeared before the judge.

In a little over a week, the Dougherty gang's violent crime spree thrust them into the national spotlight and made them the focus of an FBI manhunt. Their luck finally ended when they ended up with 550 other inmates in the Pueblo, Colorado jail.

And it looks like the siblings are actually turning on each other over who actually fired at the cops who were chasing them.

In court papers, police say Lee Grace told them she "didn't shoot at any cop in the state of Colorado."

She says her brother Ryan was driving the getaway car, and claimed "a person can't drive and shoot a gun at the same time." That left big sister pointing the finger at Dylan.

Just-released 911 calls give a first-hand account of what happened when Ryan Dougherty was chased by cops as he tried to flee the crash scene. They were made by people inside a nearby restaurant.

Caller #1: "He's right here at the back door!"

911 Operator: "Don't let him in, guys. Lock the doors."

Caller #2: "The guy is running right now."

911 Operator: "Don't get close to him. Do not make contact with him. Do not make contact."

The siblings' relieved mother says, "Throughout all of this, everybody just wanted it to stop. And now it's over."

The 45-year-old math professor who's engaged to marry Lee Grace said she called him right after her capture.

"She just said, 'Honey, your girlfriend really screwed up,' " he said. 

But you wouldn't know it from the smile on her face in court.