Woman Says She Got Proposition from Gary Giordano

INSIDE EDITION talks to a woman who says she got a strange proposition from Gary Giordano, the man who was with Robyn Gardner before she vanished in Aruba.

Hope is fading for the blonde beauty missing and feared dead in Aruba, and one woman says, it could have been her.

She says that Gary Giordano, a suspect in the disappearance of Robyn Gardner, offered her and her teenage daughter an all expenses paid trip to Aruba for a modelling job.

Carrie Emerson said, "I get chills. I literally, I'm sitting here with chills."

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney asked, "What promises did he make to you?"

"He made it sound great. He made it sound like she was going to be a week in Aruba. She was going to get $5,000 spending money," said Emerson.

But she says there was a shocking catch.

"He had said that he would set my daughter and I up financially for the rest of our lives if we would both sleep with him while we were there and fulfill his fantasies," said Emerson.

When she turned him down, she says he threatened her.

"He said, 'I can make you disappear and nobody would ever look for you,' " said Emerson.

She also says Giordano even brought up the disappearance of Natalee Holloway .

"He said, 'No Natalee Holloway stuff' and I thought that was a little odd," she said.

"He actually brought up Natalee Holloway?" asked McInerney.

"He did. He actually said that it won't be anything like Natalee Holloway," said Emerson.

Nancy Grace revealed on Good Morning America that other women are making serious allegations about Giordano.

"Two women say, it is reported, he secretly videotaped them in bed during sex and in one of the episodes where he vidoed himself he's beating and choking the woman," said Grace.

She said Giordano's $1.3 million house near Baltimore bristles with video cameras.

"He's got a big sign out front that says, You will be video and audiotaped if you come here," said Grace

Court papers obtained by INSIDE EDITION show that Giordano was investigated in Maryland for stalking and harrassing women, secretly videotaping sexual encounters, and posting pornographic images on the internet.

He was never charged. Prosecutor John McCarthy said the alleged victim, "Ultimately did not wish to pursue it and we honored her wishes."

Meanwhile, police in Aruba say Giordano has stopped cooperating. They issued a mugshot and video of the rental car he and Robyn Gardner were using, hoping tourists who saw them in Aruba will contact the FBI.

Giordano's attorney says, "He is innocent and is being unjustly detained."