Ruth Madoff Reportedly Stops Visiting Bernie in Jail

Bernie Madoff’s wife of 50 years has reportedly stopped visiting the notorious swindler since their son’s suicide last December. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Is Ruth Madoff finally turning her back on her disgraced husband Bernie?

Despite initially standing by him, she has now stopped visiting him in jail, according to a journalist who twice interviewed Madoff behind bars.

Writer Diana Henriques said, "She has not seen him since the death of her son, Mark, in December."

Mark Madoff committed suicide over the scandal.

Henriques says that in the wake of the tragedy, Ruth Madoff is now giving her husband of 50 years the cold shoulder in an effort to reconcile with her other son, Andrew.

Mother and sons had been estranged because she stood by her husband.

"Ruth and Andrew have both experienced great pain, great loss, and need to really be able to both reach out to one another. But I do get a sense of progress being made towards a reconciliation," said Henriques.

Henriques, a writer for The New York Times, is the author of the book Bernie Madoff: The Wizard of Lies.

She says 70-year-old Ruth's decision to abandon her fraudster husband only goes so far.

Henriques said, "I have absolutely no indication that she intends to go so far as divorcing him. It would be, perhaps, a meaningless gesture, given that he will live and die behind bars. I have no indication that that is in the plans."