Dr. Phil Season Premiere Features Casey Anthony's Parents

The season premiere of Dr. Phil will feature Casey Anthony’s parents in their first interview since the trial against their daughter, Casey, ended. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

George and Cindy Anthony are breaking their silence to Dr. Phil. Casey Anthony's parents will appear on the season premiere of the Dr. Phil show on September 12th.

The tough-talking TV psychologist says he did not hold back in the interview.

"Cindy and George have suffered a horrific loss," Dr. Phil said in a statement. "And they have since endured an unprecedented public attack on their family. I looked them straight in the eye and asked some very tough questions."

And Cindy Anthony is defending her decision to speak, saying, "We are hoping that by doing this interview, we will be able to help other people who may be experiencing struggles of their own."

Meantime, is Casey Anthony becoming an author? The Los Angeles Examiner website is reporting, "Casey Anthony has inked a multi-media deal, 6 figure cash advance" to write her memoirs.

The report says Casey would work with a ghostwriter, and the book will finally reveal the identity of Caylee's father. And as part of the deal, Casey will do one major interview to promote the book.

But is this reported book deal really in the works? Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, told INSIDE EDITION, "No, it's not true."