Does Kim Kardashian Have Wedding Jitters?

Kim Kardashian tells INSIDE EDITION she’s feeling pretty calm as her big wedding day approaches, but what about her mom?

It's hard to believe that Kim Kardashian has no last minute jitters about her weekend wedding to NBA star Kris Humphreys.

"I'm totally calm. I think that freak out moment kind of already passed," said Kim.

But Kim tells INSIDE EDITION she feels more comfortable walking the red carpet than walking down the aisle.

"Well, I'm used to this. I'm not used to walking down the aisle," she said.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Kim and the whole Kardashian clan on the red carpet in Hollywood where they introduced their new fall collection for Sears. The 6' 9" tall Humphreys had to really bend over to kiss his 5' 2" tall bride-to-be.

When we asked Kim's mom Kris Jenner about planning the wedding, it sounded like she's the one with the jitters!     

"You just reminded me that I really need to go home and work on that. Yeah I'm like, why am I here?" said Kris.

Kim's little sister Kendall Jenner told us a big wedding secret—what her bridesmaids dress will look like.

She said "We're really happy she picked a pretty color, emerald green."

Just hours before, Kim was at Vera Wang in West Hollywood for a last minute fitting for her top secret wedding gown. And she was swarmed by so many photographers it took her more than a minute to get behind the wheel of her new Rolls Royce.