Casey Anthony's Car Crushed

The white Pontiac Sunfire that once belonged to Casey Anthony and was used by the prosecution as evidence against her has been crushed and turned into scrap metal. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Casey Anthony's former car is now a mangled pile of metal.

The white Pontiac Sunfire that prosecutors used as a key piece of evidence in the murder trial against Casey Anthony was crushed between two other cars at a junkyard in Orlando.    

During the six-week trial, Casey's father, George, described the overpowering smell of death that emanated from her car.

"Was that the odor of a human corpse?" an attorney asked him.

"Yes [...] But I just said, 'Please God, don't let this be Casey or Caylee,' " George said.

He found only garbage in the trunk, but prosecutors claimed little Caylee's body had been in the car for several days.

The car was turned in to be demolished by George and his attorney, and it will now be used for scrap metal.