Search for Susan Powell Sparks Bitter Feud

A year and a half after Susan Powell disappeared, her husband is a person of interest in the case and their families are in a bitter feud. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The search for Susan Powell, the Utah mom who's been missing nearly two years, has erupted into an ugly family feud.

Susan's father and father-in-law argued bitterly in front of TV cameras as her dad was handing out missing person fliers.

Susan's husband, Josh Powell, says he and his two young sons were camping in a blizzard the night she disappeared in December of 2009.  

He claims she left him for another man, but police are calling him a person of interest in the case and were searching abandoned mineshafts in the Utah desert for clues over the weekend.  

Josh reacted to the suspicions being directed at him by Susan's family.  

"It's been hard. People have behaved in some very unacceptable ways," he said.

Now Josh's father, Steve Powell, plans to release a diary Susan kept as a teenager that he claims will prove she was promiscuous and once even tried to commit suicide.  

Susan's dad, Chuck Cox, is asking for a restraining order to stop the diary from being posted on the Internet. Susan's friends are also making the explosive claim that Steve was sexually obsessed with his missing daughter-in-law.

"She told me about a time where he had kind of cornered her and tried kissing her and that really upset her," said one friend.

Even Steve's own daughter is speaking out against him:

"She was in the car with my dad and my dad said some things including, I think, 'Can't we just share you, can't Josh and I just share you?' " she said.

Steve denied the allegations in a phone interview with KUTV in Salt Lake City:

"I never made any advances toward her. I know Susan has said a few things like that, but you'd have to understand Susan. And you'd also have to understand that Susan and I had a very close relationship right up to the last time I saw her, which was in February of 2009."

The search for Susan Powell has torn her family apart.