Oscar® Frenzy Hits Fever Pitch

INSIDE EDITION reports from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood where preparations for Oscar® night have kicked into high gear.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret reports from the front lines of Oscar® preparations.

Moret was at the famous Kodak Theater in Hollywood where last minute preps are underway for Sunday's Oscars®. And there's good news. Weather forecasters had been predicting rain and everything including the huge Oscar® statues had been wrapped in plastic. But now it looks like the heavens will clear up just in time to keep the stars from getting soaked.

INSIDE EDITION got a look inside to see where some of your favorite stars will be sitting. Best Actor nominee George Clooney will be seated not far from his pal Matt Damon who's up for Best Supporting Actor.

Someone who won't have a seat, is the producer of Best Picture nominee The Hurt Locker. Nicolas Chartier has been banned from the Oscars®!  That's right, he'll have to watch the show from home with the rest of America, even though his movie is up for nine awards.

So why the ban? Chartier broke Oscar®'s number one rule, he disparaged another nominee, sending emails to Academy members telling them to vote for his film for Best Picture and not for that "$500 million film", a clear reference to Avatar. So while he's watching from home, the stars of The Hurt Locker will be at the big show.

We caught up with Jeremy Renner, who's up for Best Actor at a pre-Oscar® bash. His date? His mom.

Jeremy's mom said, "I'm so proud of him, I can't even tell you."

Over at the Essence magazine party, we saw Queen Latifah who is thrilled to be presenting.

"The preparation is really about just knowing what to say, having a good time, knowing how to hit your marks. But really, just walking in that dress and looking good," said Queen Latifah. 

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