Hot Sauce Mom Found Guilty of Child Abuse

Jessica Beagley, the mother who poured hot sauce in her child’s mouth as punishment, was found guilty of child abuse today in an Alaska court. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The angry mom who used hot sauce to punish her 7-year-old son showed no emotion as she was found guilty of child abuse.

"We the jury find the defendant Jessica Beagley guilty," announced a juror.

She strode defiantly out of court but her attorney says she was very upset over the verdict.

Beagley's attorney Bill Ingaldson said, "Jessica has been fighting back tears the entire trial. She gets to go back my office and show her emotions."

36-year-old Jessica Beagley was arrested after a home video of her pouring hot sauce into her little boy's mouth was broadcast on the Dr. Phil show last year.

After pouring the hot sauce in her son's mouth, she gave him a freezing cold shower.

Dr. Phil said to Beagley on his show, "You have crippled this child emotionally, mentally, socially."

But prosecutors said it wasn't just what this mom did but the fact that she videotaped it that made her crime so disturbing.

Prosecuting attorney Cynthia Franklin said, "The act of videotaping the punishment is the abuse in this case."

The verdict triggered a powerful reaction on INSIDE EDITION's Facebook page.

Marcie posted: "What she did was wrong!"

But Justin had another point of view: "Child abuse? Oh wow! Maybe the courts should take care of children then."

The hot sauce mom faces up to a year in jail when she is sentenced on Monday.