Reactions to East Coast Earthquake Caught on Tape

INSIDE EDITION reports on reactions that were caught on camera during the East Coast earthquake.

People are still grappling with the fact that a 5.8 earthquake struck along the East Coast. New videos are still coming out that capture the panic felt in places that aren't used to the earth shaking.

A store manager shooting a commercial felt the power of the great East Coast earthquake. He was actually knocked to the ground.

On the video he said, "Just thought we'd take this opportunity to show you our new waiting room...did you feel that? What was that? My God, I think that was an earthquake."

At the epicenter of the 5.8 quake, in Mineral, Virginia, a store rocked and food tumbled from the shelves.

Worried students at a lecture at the University of Maryland didn't know what hit them. Neither did their professor.

"I don't know about you but I'm getting out of here," said the professor.

In another YouTube video, a dog with a veterinarian's cone around his neck sensed there was trouble on the way. He paced back and forth, clearly nervous about what was going to happen next.

In Fairfax, Virginia, a frightened resident ran into her house. Items falling from shelves was the scene that awaited her inside.

In Washington D.C., a TV cooking show was disrupted as it was taping.

A council meeting in Dayton, Ohio, was interrupted when the council realized they were having an earthquake.

For one newlywed, the earth really did move. She fled her wedding in panic as the quake struck New York.

In Washington D.C., experts found a crack in the Washington Monument. The National Cathedral was also damaged.

But some made light of what they saw as East Coast overreaction., supposedly detailing "stunning photos of the damage," features a picture of a knocked-over yogurt cup and some Post-it notes on the floor.

David Letterman also got a laugh out of the drama.

"They traced the epicenter of the earthquake to Kim Kardashian's honeymoon suite," joked Letterman.

Letterman continued his zingers with, "President Obama is on Martha's Vineyard. They felt the earthquake on Martha's Vineyard and it was so rough up there that the President nearly missed a [golf] putt."